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We are ready to hit 2017 with everything we have!News Survival of the Hobo - Zombies

5 years ago - by Johan Heymans

New Website Design

Its a new year and what better way to start things off by having the place where we share our games with the world all brand new. Not only have we changed the look and feel of the website but we changed the back end to make it easier for us to keep everyone up to date with news and devlogs on our games.

We will still be adding a lot of functionality over the years once we need it but we finally have everything setup that we need to get started! Let us know how we can improve the experience for our visitors in the comments!

Survival of the Hobo: Zombies has been restarted

Game development for us started in 2015. Two friends that are brand spanking new to game development and 3D modelling and over the past two years we have gained a lot of experience from our crappy games that we have made. With that in mind we really enjoyed our game called "Survival of the Hobo: Zombies" which was a top-down shooter we were working on, so we decided to use that as the basis of what we will be working on in 2017. 

We decided to restart Survival of the Hobo: Zombies completely from scratch and create the game as a 3rd person shooter where the protagonist is a Hobo trying to find a cure to the zombies so that he can go back to his begging life just sitting around and getting fed. We will be adding a top notch story and a bit of RPG in the game where you have to do quests in the game to get to the end while upgrading your gear and getting stronger as a hobo. There will be one thing that you will notice about your hobo, one piece of gear you will never receive :). Well you will have to wait and see what this game has in store for you.

We will be doing devlogs and news updates about this game every week on Fridays. Help us share these news to the world, so that we as developers can focus more on the game and less on getting the word out. If you are one of our active fans then i just want to give a big shoutout to you and your support. Comment on our devlogs and keep in touch with us what you like about our game and what dont you like.

What we plan in 2017

Well before we start talking about all our big plans, our biggest goal to have in 2017 is to actually FINISH our games and have it out in the world instead of making tons of small games that never get completed.

We have honed our skills and we are ready for action this year. Lots of challanges still awaits us, we will need to pick up our marketing strategies and our plan of action.

We ask that our fans help us by letting us know what you guys like from our games and what we plan on doing in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will be able to send you any updates that we are currently busy with or for that awesome day when we are releasing the games that we are going to work hard on. We plan on adding another section asking our fans to tell us what you would like to see in any game or what kind of game you would like to have released. Lets make this year great so that Obsessive Notion can be known world wide.