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Devlog 4 - Waves of Zombies!Devlog Survival of the Hobo - Zombies

5 years ago - by Johan Heymans

Improvements was made and now we need to show the world! Fellow Hobo Survivors of the Apocolypse, take a look at what we have added. We also have some more news about what we plan on doing further in this path of gamedevelopment.

New Hair Style and Beard - Jannie Prinsloo

So we have seen that the previous beard looked plain so we modified it to look more full and around the face. We will add more beards to the hobo for customizing.

We also made the hair look more messy and not look so plain with the option of changing colors.


Wave Implemented - Johan Heymans

You think you were safe? Only facing one zombie at a time? WELL GUESS AGAIN! now when you pick up items or go somewhere where you thought it was safe, a wave of zombies spawn to attack you!

Stage 1 has been revamped - Jannie Prinsloo

All the the buildings was the same old, same old wherever you looked, so now we added the new buildings to the map to make it look more lively and to see some more colors.

Make Games SA event - Survival of the Hobo : Zombie presentation - Jannie Prinsloo Johan Heymans

If you want to see what questions we got asked and how we explained our previous challanges we had in gamedev. Have a look and see what we were up to.


Our time is now split into two projects! - Jannie Prinsloo Johan Heymans

We have decided that we are going to be making airconsole games so that we can focus on a smaller project that will be ready for release much sooner than Survival of the Hobo will be. We are in need of funding and seeing that Survival of the Hobo : Zombie will still take a while, now we have decided that attack more challanges at once to make this gamedev experience a reality.


We know it might not be you....but we want you as the reader to say something about the game, what you think you like and dont like, we want our fans to get into the game creation with us. Help us share our game so that more people would know about it and please comment on our devlogs and break the silence! Be the first and engage with us, we wont bite......(much). Thank you guys for reading, hope to see you reading our next weeks progress :)