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Devlog 3 - Explosions and Limited AmmoDevlog Survival of the Hobo - Zombies

5 years ago - by Jannie Prinsloo

The bad news is that the Hobo now has limited ammo but the good news is that we added explosions! We have also worked on adding some varietiy in buildings, changing the aesthetics of the character models and posters.

Variety of Buildings Added - Jannie Prinsloo

The stage looked a bit bland with all the buildings having the same color and styling to them so we decided to add a variety of buildings. These buildings are different colours and represent a specific type of building which some of them can be interacted with.

List of buildings created:

  • A Garage with a interactable door.
  • Created a Bar.
  • Created a Retail Store.
  • Created a Church.
  • Created a Police Station.
  • Created a little house with a garage.
  • Created a Take Away Store

Poster decorations around town - Jannie Prinsloo

We have decided that having the Hobo taking this long journey to also give the Hobo a second enemy, and this enemy will be The Air News! This news broadcasters despised homeless people and poor people and was always either making fun of them or trying to help in sneaky ways.

So now the new decoration will be their poster on lamp posts and buildings.

Guns now have a limited amount of ammo! - Johan Heymans

Instead of just having an infinite amount of ammo the Hobo will now have to scavenge for ammo and use it sparingly as it will run out. The decision to make it limited comes from looking for ways to let the player constantly spend coins instead of just saving up. The player will be able to collect ammo as well as purchase it at vendors.

New ranged weapon - Jannie Prinsloo

While this was a busy week, I tried my best to get atleast one weapon done. So I have made the AK-47. To blast Zombies faster!

Character Model Changes - Jannie Prinsloo

We have had some nice feedback on our game, and the majority did not agree with the size of the head, so now I have resized the head to be BIGGER! - jokes, I made it smaller to look a bit more normal. The game will continue with its cartoony vibe as we want it at least.

Explosive Barrel and Explosions - Jannie Prinsloo Johan Heymans

Now you can kill a bunch of zombies with one shot. How? Shoot an explosive barrel and it will catch fire and then burn until it explodes. We have added explosive barrels to the game but we will be able to use the same code for stuff like exploding zombies, grenades and much more stuff that will be added later to the game.


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