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Devlog 2 - Progress is in orderDevlog Survival of the Hobo - Zombies

5 years ago - by Jannie Prinsloo

It was a difficult week for us as life got in the way of our development time but luckily we should be back up to speed in the next day or two. There was still a lot that we have done and one of the exciting things to show you is our baby zombie! Below is a list of things we did this week.

Baby Zombie - Jannie Prinsloo

Created the baby zombie model, this Zombie is one dangerous fellow, small to not be able to shoot or hit so easily, we aim for it to be able to run fast and hit you and also explode after a certain amount of hits it gives you, and when it dies it also explodes. We will be implementing this zombie into the game within the next few weeks.

(Baby Zombie)

Ammo Boxes - Jannie Prinsloo

Ammo boxes were created so that you can loot them ingame when you see one to gain a bit of free ammo without having to buy it. Here is how the Ammo Box looks (Not Looted and Looted)

(Ammo Box)


(Looted Ammo Box)


Added the Hobo's friend called Johnny - Jannie Prinsloo

This was the Hobo's friend while he was suffering on the streets and they have lived together. What has the story got in store for him, I wonder?

(Johnny the Hobo)

Gear and Accessories Added - Jannie Prinsloo Johan Heymans

The Hobo and Zombies can be customized by wearing random gear and accessories. Below is the current list of available gear and accessories that will automatically fit any zombie or hobo.

  • Chef Apron
  • Chef Hat
  • Kevlar
  • Pants
  • Police Hat
  • Shirt
  • Basic Hair
  • Zombie Hair
  • Normal Beard

We not have not allocated armor stats to the gear yet but we will be doing that as we go along with the game development.

New Melee Weapon - Jannie Prinsloo

The new melee weapon we created is the CHAINSAW!!! oh yes, cutting up Zombies has never felt so good when you don't cut them up into little pieces with a chainsaw.
The Chainsaw model was created and Ammo for the chainsaw, yes having a Overpowered weapon like that will need ammo - you will be able to buy the ammo at the shops at the end of each stage and that is Fuel! Unlocking this weapon will only be in the later stages as it will require a lot of coin to purchase this weapon.

(Chainsaw and Fuel)

Headshot detection! - Johan Heymans

When you are a pro with your weapons and you know how to kill those nasty Zombies, then do some headshots for some more damage. Body shots will do normal damage while headshots will do double the damage.

Popup damage indicators - Johan Heymans

When a zombie gets hit/shot it will popup a number which will indicate the amount of damage the Zombie has taken. White text indicates normal damage while red text indicates a critical shot such as a headshot.

Pickup Improvements - Johan Heymans

Almost all of the pickupable food, gear and coin stuff will now be attracted to the Hobo like a magnet. If it gets too close to the Hobo it will automatically be picked up.

Sounds that we got for the game - Jannie Prinsloo

We got a background sounds for the game that we need to implement so that it can get into the right mood of the game, seeing that we are not sound Engineers, we just try and get the best as possible sounds we can find online. We got a nice sound for when we shoot, hit with the cane and when you walking on a decoration zombie corpse.

Added Decorations - Jannie Prinsloo

Created a parking meter to put next to the roads.

(Parking Meter)