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Devlog 1 - The First LookDevlog Survival of the Hobo - Zombies

5 years ago - by Johan Heymans

The First Look

So we started off with the project with a bang and we are going to work hard on completing it, we are  a team of two that are working hand in hand with this project. We are going to show you guys what we have been working on and ask for input on what you guys think so far and what you guys would like to see added into our game content.

How Far are we with Survival of the Hobo : Zombies

We have put in a lot of work, but we still have loads to do, we have not yet completed the first stage yet, we are focusing on polishing the first stage as much as we can, to give our players the best feel of the game from the start. We will still work on everything that gets mentioned after we have some testers look at our game, but that is future planning ofcourse. We have a idea of the story of the hobo, were he was the only person not infected by the plague, because of his harse living standards that he lived day to day, some hobo's were infected but the main character was the only lucky one with the strongest immunity against this plague.

What our team of 2 is focusing on

Johan Heymans is focusing on improving the programming of the game, making it as optimized as possible and adding the key features in the game and turn in to life. In our later blogs we will explain more what we still want to do and what our project still holds for us.

Jannie Prinsloo is focusing on the modeling side of the game and the story and stage design. The music and sound effects in the game atm are from royalty free sources but once we have more time we might concider creating our own music and sound effects.

3rd Person Movement - Johan Heymans

The first versions of Survival of the Hobo was a top-down shooter. We decided to scratch that and re-create the game as a 3rd person shooter. 

Melee Weapon - Cane - Jannie Prinsloo

I created this as the starting weapon for the hobo as his walking cane that he decided to use as a weapon to beat the Zombies down!

Ranged Weapons - Jannie Prinsloo

I have created two ranged weapons so far, the hobo will start the first stage with the pistol that he will find at the park of the stage and the AK will still be implemented in the game at a later stage.

Towns Garbage - Jannie Prinsloo Johan Heymans

We have created garbage in the game that has loads of uses, with the comotion going on about the plague, garbage started to pile up, as a hobo you search through these garbage piles to see what you find, what you can find in these garbage piles is food for health and scrap metal gears which you can exchange for coins to purchase armor and weapons in the future - There is 3 types of garbage containers created [Garbage Bags, Garbage Bins and Dumpsters]

(Garbage that can be looted)

(Dumpster that can be looted)

(Garbage Bin that can be looted)

(Garbage Bin that has been looted)


Normal Zombie

The Normal Zombie is the lowest of the low zombies, which does the least amount of damage, has the least amount of health and are normal speed - but they do appear in numbers and are lots in a section.

Spitting Zombie

The Spitting Zombie is almost the same as the Normal Zombie, although it deals a bit more damage, and they are not as many as the Normal Zombies. They are ranged zombies that shoot you with Acid from their mouths.

Let us know what you think about Survival of the Hobo:Zombies so far!